Finally, Find Out The Real Reason Why You're Fatherless 

A Change is Needed and Needed ASAP!

So, you think you know why you are angry? Are you being told it might be because your father wasn’t in your life? What answers are you specifically looking for? Millions of children and grown-ups too are asking the same questions. “Why did my father choose to be away and out of my life?” The answer might surprise you. In my opinion, the mothers of these children have a significant part in this situation and this might not even be their fault. These women were never giving any advice or guidance on how important it was to choose the correct man to be a father for their children. We must start giving them this information and right now. Our children are waiting on us for change.

Who's Really at Fault?

Fathers and mothers are walking the streets today knowing they were never given the tools to be in a respectful relationship of give and take. So they looked to society for help and this has been a disaster. Look at your local and national news and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Shootings, killings, rapes, negativity, negativity, negativity. This person is at fault, that person is fault and no one is trying to figure why our children are so filled with rage. If we would just understand that a major reason for all of this destruction is the father being absent in their children’s lives, then we can finally start to make some change. So, how did we get to this point? Well there is plenty of blame to go around. But, this page is not about blame but results.

Mom and Dads, You Have To Do Better

Fathers have been given a bad rap for over 30+ yrs and it some cases they deserved it. They were called a disgrace because they left their home and kids behind. My only problem with this is, how soon after meeting this man did you realize he was a disgrace? Did you ask him the necessary questions that would have let you knew in advance if this man was qualified to be a good father for your children? Always remember this, just because he has a penis does not qualify him to be a good father. Most men who grew up without their fathers present in their lives are not qualified to be a good fathers, period!! Now women, "you are responsible for every single thing you allow to enter your body to include education, drugs, alcohol and semen!" Please study, remember and understand that last quote. This is vital to the process and the future of the next generation of children.

Could This Be Your Solution?

For starters, the solution has to start with a book I created that will help the world change the way we are doing things now. The book is called "Mommy, Look at The Daddy You Gave Me". It's the only book written of its kind. It will give you the tools to help you find out why your father was not in your life and you can get the answers from the most reliable source on earth, "YOUR MOTHER." Children who become adults are still searching for the answers. Is this you? Your time is now. Click the "Buy Now" button below to get your book now.

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